International Association for Classical Archaeology

NGO MNEMOSINA from Podgorica was invited by the International Association for Classical Archaeology – AIAC from Rome at the end of 2007, to create the project FASTI MONTENEGRO which will represent Montenegro in the project FASTI ONLINE, so our country was included in this significant project.

Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica (International Association for Classical Archaeology), AIAC from Rome, have realized the project FASTI ONLINE since 1998, which has for it’s goal the global presentation of the archaeologic researches results in the countries which used to be part of the Roman Empire. The following countries were included in the project: Italy, France, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Malta, Marocco, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ucraine, and since 2007 Montenegro was included in the project FASTI MONTENEGRO, too.

The internet FASTI ONLINE site was set up where the results of the archeologic excavations since 2000 were presented, in countries which participated in the project realisation. Each country has it’s space on the site, with their boundaries on the map, as well as marked places where the sites are situated. All texts are in English, and in local language where the site is situated. Since 2007, there is a marked space in Montenegro, with a marked sites and texts set up regarding the project FASTI MONETENEGRO.